The CENTEX Chapter of ASPA is an organization that is dedicated to connecting and informing public sector, not-for-profit sector, and private sector, practitioners with each other and with faculty, staff and students at public administration and public policy universities in Central Texas. The CENTEX Chapter works to bring professional education and networking opportunities to its members and promote research on important public policy and administration issues.

As a professional society, CENTEX ASPA invites public administration practitioners and academics to meetings and events such as the annual public service recognition week banquet, which is held annually in the month of May. In cooperation with universities in the CENTEX Region, the Chapter conducts live-Zoom and in-person meetings throughout the year.

Dating back more than 30 years, CENTEX ASPA is dedicated to promoting the ethical values and technical competencies associated with outstanding public service.

Contact Details & Leadership

CENTEX ASPA Website:  https://centexaspa.org
Journal:   Good Governance Worldwide   https://goodgovernanceworldwide.org

Chapter Leadership
If you wish to contact any of the CENTEX Chapters Officers and/or Leadership Council members open the “Contact” link at the top of the page and follow the instructions on the page.

Past President – Elaine Zavala
President – Fred Bell
Treasurer – Yvette Mendoza
Webmaster – Lloyd Harrington
Special Projects Coordinator – Dr. Howard Balanoff

CENTEX ASPA Chapter Advisory Board

Dustin Haisler
Dr. Leonard Bright
Gabe Sepulveda
Reuben Leslie
Marilyn Balanoff
Samantha Martinez
Ken Matwiczak
Eddie Molina
Sheila Bojorquez
Sue Breland
Miha Vindis
Jason Alexander
Moaz Kahn
Dr. Sheriff Folarin
Larry Gonzales
Dr. Jeremi Suri
Dr. David Eaton
Dr. Helen Lowman

Dr. Thomas Vance McMahan Jr.

CENTEX ASPA Chapter Board & Council Nominations Now Open

CENTEX ASPA is now seeking the names of individuals to serve as Chapter Council and/or Board Members. Nominate yourself for a position on the Chapter’s Board as an officer or as a member of the Council. Only through our volunteer efforts, each taking a turn, will we be able to continue building a strong, active, and successful Chapter. Council and Board Members will be elected and recognized at the Public Service Recognition Week scheduled for May 20, 2023.