Centex ASPA Executive Board and Council Members

Executive Board
Officers and council members may be reelected for an unlimited number of terms. Every effort shall be made to nominate and elect officers and Council members who represent the broad geographic region the Chapter serves, the wide spectrum of public and nonprofit sector related activities undertaken in the region, and both academic professional and student and practitioner interests.

President | Elaine M. Zavala
Serve as presiding officer of the Council and general membership meetings of the Chapter.

​Vice President |
Coordinate the general membership programs of the Chapter and preside in the absence of the President. The vice-president will also serve as president elect and automatically succeed to the position of president the following year.

Treasurer | Fred Bell
Handle the financial transactions, maintain records of and report the financial status of the Chapter to the Council.

Secretary | Yvette Mendoza
Prepare minutes of each Council meeting and maintain the official records of the Chapter.

Parliamentarian |
Advise the President to ensure that the conduct of Chapter business at all times conforms to the Chapter Constitution.

​Membership Chair |
Coordinate membership recruitment, welcome new members, encourage members to renew, and oversee membership development and service projects.

Newsletter Editor |
Solicit, develop and edit the content of the chapter newsletter and other publications.

Webmaster |
Arrange for and maintain the Chapter website on the World Wide Web.

Council Members
Council members shall serve two year terms. The Council shall supervise and control the affairs of the Chapter and its actions shall follow the general policies of the Society. The President shall serve as the presiding officer of the Council.

Dennis Whitson
Rebecca Davio
Dr. Howard Balanoff
Dr. Leonard Bright
Dr. Angela Evans
Dr. Emily Hanks
Katy Zamesnik
Damon Fogley
Gabe Sepulveda

Ken Wilson
Reuben Leslie
Marilyn Balanoff
Dr. Tom Longoria
Claire Moyers
Samantha Alexander
Stephanie Hall
Laura Snopel
Bill Teeter

CENTEX ASPA Chapter Board & Council Nominations Now Open

CENTEX ASPA is now seeking the names of individuals to serve as Chapter Council and/or Board Members. Nominate yourself for a position on the Chapter’s Board as an officer or as a member of the Council. Only through our volunteer efforts, each taking a turn, will we be able to continue building a strong, active, and successful Chapter. Council and Board Members will be elected and recognized at the Public Service Recognition Week scheduled for May 20, 2023.